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Guttering And Drainage System

A good guttering and drainage system is essential to the longevity of your roof, and to the preservation and care of your property. If left untended, water can seep into the foundation and cause a number of problems that are costly to fix.

It's true that the roof is, perhaps, by far one of the most important parts of a house. It not only provides a covering over your dwelling, but it also keeps out the elements and preserves what is underneath it. So, it is easy to see why good maintenance and proper upkeep is essential

One of the most important aspects of roof upkeep is making sure the guttering and drainage system is working properly. When water collects on the roof and cannot drain properly, it runs off the house and settles at the foundation. Good roof drainage is probably more important to the foundation of the house than the roof itself. This is because water that runs off onto the foundations is almost always a detrimental to the preservation of your house. It seeps down into crawl spaces, vaporizing and rotting sills and floors. It can even seep into the basement, causing yet another round of problems to occur.

Ninety percent of the damage to a house caused by moisture begins in a crawl space, so it is very important to drain water from roofs to keep it away from the foundation. The following systems are good for doing just that.

A good method of collecting unwanted water on the roof is through use of a guttering system. The most important thing about the system is where it dumps the water. Splash blocks at downspouts are minimal and often ineffective since they release water too close to foundations. Water should not be released within three feet of the foundation or even further if possible.

Another system that works with a wide overhang with not gutters at all. The width of this overhang is usually about three feet or more. With a treated (gravel) ground surface where drainage water strikes the ground, it is acceptable because it will keep run-off water from penetrating the foundation.

In turn, the ground must slope away from the structure on all four sides at a minimum two percent slope to carry water away from the foundation.

Because of the slope, the water is carried away immediately, thus keeping it from seeping into the foundation, the crawl space, and the basement if the building contains one.

No matter which drainage system you choose, remember that having one that works properly is crucial to minimizing the damage not only to your roof, but also to the foundation of your property. Check with your roofing contractor to determine which system is right for you.




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